Welcome to JustSkim. We are striving to become one of  the best Skimboarding Resource Centers in the world.  Our goal is to provide the global skim community a platform which will  give us a better opportunity to showcase the sport and talents of skimboarders worldwide. The sport of Skimboarding is growing at an unbelievable rate,  yet  few actually know the sport of skimboarding as it exists outside   of the United States. JustSkim is currently working on it’s new site that will go live in the near future with better graphics, interactive for crew members globally, a new store format and much more, all for the love of  skimboarding. Check out the site, stop by the Skim Shop, and be sure to check out some of the skimboarders fromaround the world on the crew pages. Please continue to Spread the Love…..JustSkim


David Sterman excellent edit by Skylar Wilson


Axel Cristol and Groovy baby has given us another excellent edit…Thank You.


Samwise Stinnett  UST 2014 Champion



Tony Liuzzi/Shorebreak

The Evolution of Skimboarding

 Tony’s Trailer for the Greatest Skimboarding Documentary ever made.

Ernesto Molina

 Earnesto Molina    Sunset at Aliso

Shot by Fabiana Babie


The Place to Be